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Wedding Day Advice for Couples to be Married

1. Dressing room tips to brides

Decorate the girl's dressing room just as carefully as you would any other part of the wedding location, because a large portion of your pictures will be taken here. When you choose a location, pick a room with some r-o-o-m and lots of natural light. On the wedding day, have your girls clean up all the non-wedding messes such as piles of blue jeans and tennis shoes or other clothing that are not wedding related, but don't make the room look too neat; messes are okay if they're wedding messes. Empty boxes and bags should be placed somewhere outside the dressing room.

It looks wonderful to have all the dresses hanging and shoes lying around on the floor, but they look awful if they're still in the box, or if they have piles of plastic wrappers and cardboard boxes lying next to them.

Flowers also look much better in some sort of vases instead of the cardboard boxes the florist packed them in.

Cover up any ugly furniture with plain white drape cloth.

Make sure that all mirrors in the room is properly cleaned.

Lighting is extremely important for the girl's dressing room. The windows absolutely must be open to bring in the natural light. If you have anything distracting or unsightly that would be visible through the open windows, place some light gauzy curtains over them to cut back on the view while still allowing the light to come in. If you have no window light, think romance, and get creative. Use lots of candles or little Christmas lights placed around the room. Shafts of sunlight streaming in the windows may look great to human eyes, but that extreme level of brightness in an otherwise dark room is a photographer's nightmare. If you must use a room with direct sun on the windows, put up some curtains to diffuse it. You can also put light cotton cloth over the outside of the window in order to cut down the direct sun. If you want the absolute best lighting for your dressing room, pick something with large, north facing windows - this is a photographer's dream come true.

Applying the Perfect Make-up for Wedding Photos

I strongly recommend using a profesional make-up artist. Doing your own make-up many times result in less than satisfactory results concerning the photographs.  By the end of the evening if your make-up is not done professionally, your appearance could end up looking a bit "shiny". If you cannot afford this, speak to a professional at you local beauty shop when purchusing your make-up.  Make sure to add good pressed powder and re-apply during the day especially before the reception.

Problem areas (for instance shiny reflecting skin at night time) regarding your make-up can be "fixed" in Photoshop but is time consuming (especially if we have to look at over 100 photos individually) and will unfortunately be charged for.

Use a sheer, satin-matte foundation; medium coverage concealer for trouble spots; a light dusting of pressed powder; and powder blush. Do not apply shimmers or products that give your skin extra shine as these will cause you to look very white in the camera flash

Eye make-up can include soft colors that are matte or barely shiny, and eyeliner that is medium to dark brown or slate gray rather than black.

Apply at least 2–3 coats of mascara.

Your lipstick can be any color, but choose a sheer, cream lipstick, which will last for hours. Try to avoid lip gloss so that your lips don’t appear too shiny or wet (especially if you are going to have “kissing” photographs, gloss can be very impractical)

The Creative Portrait Session

Family and Group photos

Expect the unexpected

One more piece of advice that someone gave me on my own wedding day. ‘Things will Go Wrong – But They Can be the Best Parts of the Day’. In every wedding that I’ve participated in something tends to go wrong with the day. The best man can’t find the ring, the rain pours down just as the ceremony ends, the groom forgets to do up his fly, the flower girl decides to sit down in the middle of the aisle or the bride can’t remember her vows….

These moments can feel a little panicky at the time – but it’s these moments that can actually make a day and give you, the bride and groom memories.

When something goes wrong on your wedding day - SMILE and relax.

Most important of all - HAVE FUN!